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The Urban Oyster

301 W. 29th St,

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

(443) 992.2046

The Urban Oyster


We are the resolution to oyster skeptics! With our innovative cuisine and welcoming vibes we guarantee our food to be life altering. The Urban Oyster was founded by Baltimore native Jasmine Norton in 2016 to encourage both foodies and amateurs to extend their culinary pallets for oyster. She believed that  by experiencing them chargrilled with flavor profiles similar to the concept of a wing spot it would be more inviting. Their goal is to make oysters less intimidating so that consumers can be more open to see how delicious oysters truly are!

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For The Black Restaurant Challenge, we are asking everyone to visit 2 Black Owned restaurants during the month of February. From February 2nd to February 25th. Then, visit our Facebook and Instagram page and share a photo of video of your experience at the restaurant. Share it with friends and invite them to take the challenge.